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The Banded Basics: Resistance Flow Class Series W/ Giulia Pline

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Learn the basics of controlled mobility. How to control your end range, create stability in all poses and movements, and develop tension within your body using your own deep stability system.  There will be isolated core work, exploration and execution of “basic” yoga postures that are practiced in almost every vinyasa or hatha style yoga class (ex. tadasana, down dog, plank), and emphasis on stacking the body/bones for optimal function and efficiency in movement and breathing.

Using the therabands as props for our poses, we will shed awareness and light to the areas in which we are underworking or disconnected to using the reference point of the bands for our own tensegrity.


What is tensegrity and why teach about it?

Tensegrity refers to the expansive space we create in our own bodies to optimize movement, joint and muscle health. Tensegrity creates ease and light in yoga asana and in life.  Expanding in all directions during movement is how we achieve tensegrity.

Controlling our range of motion so that we are stable AND mobile is a hallmark of tensegrity.  Using resistance bands as tactile feedback and resistance to radiate and press out against teaches us HOW to harness tensegrity.  We will use the bands in a variety of poses, and corrective exercises, to achieve maximum tensegrity, expansion, and stability through mobility.  You will learn how to use your body differently IMMEDIATELY.

  • Each class will start with a brief explanation of the concepts we will explore through practice.  We will start slow, and build upon a foundation of optimal movement patterns and awareness.

  • Expect to wear therabands for all poses in the movement sequences and connect with your body somatically to harness control of your movements and learn about your limits.

  • We will use the bands as accommodating lines of resistance against which to generate force for creating tensile strength and stability with mobility.

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@threesphysiyoga @giuliapline

@threesphysiyoga @giuliapline

@threesphysiyoga @giuliapline

About Giulia:  As a B.F.A Dance major at The Boston Conservatory, I began practicing yoga to supplement my dance training. Over time, yoga became a way for me to reintegrate not only physically, but emotionally. Fast forward a few years and injuries later, I began to pursue more extensive studies in the anatomy and physiology of the practice and I made the shift to teaching yoga full time. I left the dance performing world behind, but infuse its knowledge, detail, somatic awareness, and passion into my work. 

Through my various studies, I discovered Threes Physiyoga, a method that merges physical therapy with yoga. My group classes, workshops, and private lessons combine corrective exercises and knowledge from the physical therapy world with and around the asana and pranayama practice. This challenges and evolves the ways in which we move and breathe, and sheds light on how we can create more efficiency and clarity in our individual mechanics, as well as rehabilitate and prevent some future injuries and pains.