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Fall 5hr Women's Retreat: The Psychic Knots

$75 (includes a catered light meal, snacks, & tea) to sign-up click  HERE

Join Tara & Alex for this rare opportunity to shut off all technology and take 5 solid hours in a safe, warm environment, utilizing a variety of techniques to explore movement, breath, meditation, chanting, and the psychic space within our inner world. It's a mini-retreat. Details below:



writing exercises

writing exercises


Granthi is a Sanskrit word that means “knot” or “doubt” and refers to psychic obstacles that feel like they are inhibiting the path of free flowing energy—the kind of energy that can cull up latent creativity from the depths of our being.

In order to play with the idea of loosening the Granthis we will employ:


*Physical touch (plenty of hands on work from both of us) 

*Ball rolling work



*A writing exercise 




*Yoga Nidra


The studio will become a temporary retreat space in which we can all really take the time to explore some of these nuanced techniques from the world of Somatics, Yoga, & Vedanta.  Tara and I look very much forward to seeing you there. Schedule details TBA as we get closer to the date. xo