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Winter Solstice 5hr Retreat: Interoception

$60 (includes light meal, snacks, & tea) to sign-up click  HERE

Join Tara & Alex for this rare opportunity to shut off all technology and take 5 solid hours to explore our inner world in during the transition into the darker hours of winter in a safe, warm space, employing various techniques to facilitate this process. It's a mini-retreat. Details below. 


Interoception is contemporarily defined as the sense of the internal state of the body. It encompasses the brain’s process of integrating signals relayed from the body into specific subregions—like the brainstemthalamusinsulasomatosensory, and anterior cingulate cortex—allowing for a nuanced representation of the physiological state of the body. This is important for maintaining homeostatic conditions in the body and, potentially, aiding in self-awareness



 writing exercises 

writing exercises 


Using our feet as a template, we will utilize a number of techniques to better reveal the signals of our inner world.  Tuning into the signals of the inner world is called: Interoception.

In order to consciously usher ourselves into the season of introspection we will employ: 

*Movement (from the perspective of the feet)

*Physical touch (plenty of hands on work from both of us) 

*Ball rolling work



*A writing exercise 



*Yoga Nidra


The studio will become a temporary retreat space in which we can all really take the time to explore some of these nuanced techniques from the world of Somatics, Yoga, & Vedanta.  Tara and I look very much forward to seeing you there. xo