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Vedanta Talk w/ Shubhraji: highlights from Vivekachudamani & Vedanta vs. Yoga

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Shubhraji is my beloved Vedanta teacher with whom I studied for many years in Woodstock, NY.  Any and all of the Vedanta that I offer in in class comes directly from my studies with Shubhraji.  My Thursday mornings with Shubhraji are indelible.  She led us in meditations, taught us to chant and recite Slokas, and we studied many of the Vedantic texts in depth. Shubhraji also invited me to join her on various travels and teach asana to her Vedanta students after her talks. I am so thrilled and honored that she will be coming to Magu and offering her teachings to us.  This will be a lecture format.  No Asana.  You just come in, get comfortable, and receive the talk. 

Shubhraji, is a close disciple of renowned Vedantic Master H.H. Swami Chinmayananda and studied with him for twenty years from the age of thirteen. Originally from India, Shubhraji teaches Vedanta, the ancient, non-dual philosophy of India, which is universal in its appeal.

Using original Sanskrit texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, Shubhraji lectures on numerous topics. These include Spiritual Unfoldment, The Art of Relationships, Meditation in Daily Life, Secret of Success, The Essence of Divine Love and Managing the Mind. Shubhraji brings earthy, good-humored exposition to her teachings. Her students discover a deeper understanding of their nature, challenges they may face, and how to refocus their attitudes regarding life. Her talks are inspiring and uplifting; they aim to bring one to the true Self.

Shubhraji has interacted with diverse communities in the course of her spiritual work and teaches throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe. She has conducted programs for both eastern and western audiences in various centers and acedemic instituions including the Harvard Business School, St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Ross Institute in East Hampton, New York and many others. Shubhraji also offers weekend retreats and intensives which incorporate yoga asanas taught by other instructors.

Shubhraji has dedicated her life to spiritual work.

Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda

The word ‘Vedanta’ comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘vid’ – to know.
veda = knowledge
anta = end
Vedanta then, means the knowledge that frees us from all limitation. It teaches that our real nature is Divine. Every living being is of the nature of God, or Brahman — the Absolute Reality or Universal Being.The spring of joy is within us — it is our very nature.

The study of Vedanta is a journey toward reaching this deep understanding of ones’ own True nature.

Essentially we are just Pure Consciousness or Awareness. There is only one ‘Intelligent Energy’ which appears as the world of names and forms. I am pure energy, my source is Consciousness. When I feel disconnected from it, or lose touch with it, I become spiritually ignorant or unaware.Then I project my ideas on my own mind and on others – this is the Ego. This limited self identity covers the real Me. Identifying with the Ego I cling to appearances and stray away from the Truth. The purpose of Vedanta is to remove this Ignorance so that we can claim our eternally free blissful nature.
It a universal teaching, meant for everybody.Shubhraji’s audience is diverse and her talks are easily understood even by people who have no prior exposure to Hindu culture or Vedanta.
The teachings are profound, yet simple; logical, yet warming the heart with love; completely personal, yet universal, and above all, very relevant in today’s world.Sometimes we get caught up in the drama of our life and take events and situations to be so real that we get wound up in them and lose our peace of mind.
The teaching of Vedanta shows us the distinction between that which is eternal and that which is transient or of an illusory nature and how we can shift our focus to the higher perspective.