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X’s and O's & Ball Rolling Breakthroughs w/ David Vendetti

 X'S and O's:  Fri Jan 26th, 6pm-8pm:  

$45 to sign up for this ONE workshop click HERE

*To sign up for BOTH workshops (SCROLL down to see descriptions of both) at a discounted price of $80 click HERE


This workshop is a smartly sequenced slow flow of postures and prop assisted self massage that make sense to the body in a way that allows for remarkable change in a short period of time. The first portion of the class is about cross patterns in the body. These are the stretches that really open us physically and create postural shift in both the chest and spine. During the second half the focus is on using that opening to try new poses and discovering places of balance, space and restoration. Rather than highlighting any one group of muscles this workshop touches lightly on all areas of the body to leave the practitioner feeling deliciously complete. 


Ball Rolling Breakthroughs: Sat Jan 27th, 11:30-1:30

$45 to sign up for this ONE workshop click HERE


Total body nourishment is found when physical tension is released, the breath is deepened and the body returns to a sense of ease and balance. In a sweet systematic look into unwinding the body we will work on freeing the legs, expanding the breath, opening the shoulders and releasing the low back. Using different body rolling tools we will find restrictions and limitations and see if we can truly shift into greater balance and alignment. This class is a deep tissue massage to educate practitioners on self care, breaking through to to levels of mobility, and brighting and invigorate the soul;)

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"Yoga allows me to be who I am without struggle. To notice, breathe, remember and enjoy this body, and this moment. Classes integrate a clear foundation in anatomy with intelligent alignment, hands on adjustments and ever evolving flows to heal the body and facilitate efficient posture and movement. Students are encouraged to cultivate a deep passion for self examination and light hearted exploration.”

David is an International Yoga Teacher, Wanderlust Presenter, Owner of South Boston Yoga and was voted Best of Boston Yoga Instructor in 2005 and 2011 by Boston Magazine. His studio captured the award for Best Yoga Studio in 2017. More information for workshops, trainings and retreats can be found at