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Spring Detox: Cleanse and Restore with Yoga and Ayurveda

No special charge for this very special class! Use your unlimited, your 10 pack, or buy a single class.   Ayurvedic refreshments, snacks, and social time held after class. We'd love for you to bring a friend for free!  Sign-up ahead   HERE

Spring-- a time of regeneration and growth! Flowers blossom, birds sing, days get warmer. Just as we witness a "fresh start" in nature, it is essential that we give ourselves this same chance. During the winter months, in an effort to stay warm, we often eat more, gain weight, and build up some toxins (ama) along the way. By cleansing and restoring the body with gentle yet effective techniques incorporating Yoga and Ayurveda, we will aid the body in its efforts to shed winter buildup while planting seeds for vibrant health and well being. Let's take this opportunity to start fresh together- to greet spring in all of its glory with open arms and a healthy body, mind, and spirit!

Matthew is a graduate of Magu's Advanced TT & I am thrilled that he is part of our teaching staff.  Come experienced his tender, strong, grounded approach to intelligent movement. 

Shortly after taking his first yoga class in high school, Matthew chose to dedicate his life's work to sharing the gifts of Yoga with others. Originally certified to teach through a private program led by his mentor, Matthew has since completed numerous advanced and therapeutic trainings. His classes invite an awareness that envelops all types of movement and keeps the mind steady, focused, and light. With his poetic verbal cues, intelligent sequencing and warm presence, Matthew co-creates the conditions and space in which his students can experience an authentic, inward Yoga practice. Focusing on alignment principles that keep the body safe while exploring inner stillness and breath in each posture, students will become present with the infinite creativity of the universe as it takes form in each and every body in its own, unique way.