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Hip Preservation & Theraband & Tensegrity Workshops!

To sign up for BOTH Sat & Sun workshops at a discount: $75  click HERE

Workshop #1: Sat Sept 23rd 4-6pm: Hip Preservation: using pelvic-hip differentiation for protection against and healing of hip pain:    

$40   To Sign up for Sat workshop only click  HERE

Yoga, not unlike other athletic movement based practices contains a multitude of body positions that challenge the hip joint. Combined with the repetitive nature of asana during practice, this creates a high risk situation for hip injury and pain. In this flow class we will share strategies for creating optimal movement and stability within the hip joint, including pelvic/hip differentiation, stacking the pelvic and rib baskets, and pelvic floor optimal activity.  We will also discuss limitations and the reasons to respect them. Expect to breath, access your nervous system through somatic meditation, learn basic and advanced hip and core control exercises and integrate all of these into a challenging asana practice. Techniques taught can be carried over into day-to-day life, to high level athletics

The Physiyoga flow class is a unique and refreshingly different style of yoga class that was born from the merging of Physiotherapy with Yoga.  Our approach is to teach yoga from the inside - out to get you embodied, centered and moving in a well-aligned and functional way.  The Threes Physiyoga Method was created by 3 Physical Therapists (PT's) who are also yoga teachers to give yoga practitioners of all levels and types a way to connect with their bodies and minds and learn awareness and alignment techniques based upon those that PT’s use to treat patients and yoga teachers use to go inside.   Improved connection with your body and awareness and alignment on and off the mat comes from knowing how to tap into and make changes in the brain using breath, mindfulness, interoception and movement.  Unlike most yoga classes that teach moving from pose to pose to create an external shape, Threes flow class trains your mind to be connected with your body to create awareness and embodiment that improves performance and can reduce risk of injury. 

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Workshop #2:  SUN 9:30-12:30pm: From the Ground, UP : 2 hour Workshop including 1 hour Theraband & Tensegrity Class:  

$45 to sign up for SUN workshop only click HERE

In this first two hours, we will discuss the vital importance of foot and ankle health, optimal mechanics and the concept of tensegrity.  Foot and ankle anatomy and kinesiology will be reviewed.  We will dive into exploring foot and ankle proprioception, muscular balance, joint position, and kinetic chain influences through hands on learning.  Rigid, grippy, and floppy feet will be topics of great exploration including teaching techniques for restoring stability and mobility, and the vital functional carry over of those into carryover into asana and day-to-day life.  The concepts of stacking, the listening foot, windlass mechanism will be taught as assessment tools and fixing techniques.  In the final 1 hour Theraband Tensegrity class we will use the bands as accommodating lines of resistance against which to generate force for creating tensile strength and stability with mobility.  We will explore many asanas including open and closed hip poses, back bends and balance.



Emily Tomlinson Co-Director Threes Physiyoga,Yoga Teacher, Physical Therapist, Warwick, NY Emily unites the practices of yoga and physical therapy to provide an integrated treatment and teaching approach.  Her 15 journey as a licensed physical therapist and yogi have blossomed hand in hand.  She has practiced physical therapy in a variety of settings, including The Hospital for Special Surgery.  Emily teaches the anatomy requirements for multiple teacher training programs and has taught in academic, professional, and community outreach settings.  She received her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Springfield College, Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University and served as an adjunct professor for Hunter College.  She has completed both Vinyasa and Restorative teacher training programs.



Diana Zotos Florio Co-Director Threes Physiyoga,Yoga Teacher, Physical Therapist, Long Island and New York City Diana is a licensed physical therapist, mother and yoga teacher.  She completed her yoga teacher training at OM Yoga with Cyndi Lee in 2010 while working at Hospital for Special Surgery as a physical therapist.  She is passionate about teaching and creating a bridge between Yoga and PT to increase safety and referrals across these disciplines.  Diana received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from American University, her Masters in Physical Therapy at Hunter College in 2006 and has attended numerous post-graduate continuing education courses.  She is an adjunct professor at Hunter College and co-developer of the Threes PhysiYoga Method.