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Restorative Asana & Acupressure Collide!

$40  To Register:  Click HERE

In this sumptuous workshop, two ancient systems (Yoga & Thai Massage/Acupuncture) will be used to bridge the gap between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, sharing the core principle that supports the processes of the human body's abilities to repair and heal.

Melanie Miller will draw from her knowledge of Thai yoga massage and acupuncture channels, using gentle & keen manipulations, while senior teacher, Tara Culp, guides you through a sequence of deeply restorative and therapeutic postures for a healthy and balanced immune system.

This workshop is perfect for practitioners at all ability levels, especially those who are in the process of healing from injury or illness.

More about Melanie Miller:     After a lifetime of athletics and yoga, Melanie chose to explore the energetics of the body through reflexology and Thai yoga massage.  This line of study eventually led her to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and she now treats a wide variety of patients at a community clinic in Mt Airy.  While specializing in orthopedic injuries, Melanie also provides support for cancer patients, infertility challenges and digestive disorders.