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David Regelin: Physical Oragami/Folding/Unfolding

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There are only so many ways in which the body is designed to fold. Learn unique and progressive sequences that exemplify how the body is made to fit together.  We begin by examining some of the most foundational postures that are necessary to progress towards the vast array of bound and folded yoga postures that one might one day practice. We continue by putting these together into sequences that are worth practicing in repetition.

David Regelin

"A Yoga practice has multiple functions. It can refine and elevate our sense of self, harmonize and strengthen our constitution, and most interestingly yoga can transcribe the body's language. Through practice and study, most notably with Nevine Michaan, I have developed the ability to relate the depth, skill, and practicality that a mindful yoga practice has to offer."

David teaches all over the world. In the old days he and I used to teach together at Kula Yoga Project in NYC. And we took each others classes.  And we co-taught workshops together.  His classes changed my practice. He is also one of the most dedicated students I know of.  And he's a dad now.  That's always a boon, in my opinion.  A boon to your teaching.  I feel lucky that he come to Magu.  So come experience his magic. Hope to see you. xo