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Tara & Alex Spring Equinox Workshop

$40   To sign-up click   HERE

A Pragmatic Approach to the Chakra System

Using Asana (both fluid and restorative), Bija Mantra, breath work, & the exploration of Bindu Points (don't know what these things are? come find out!), we will dialogue with both the known and the unknown worlds as we practice actualizing the information from the symbolic seeds we have already planted.  With ample hands on assists, you can expect a thorough exploration of the various wheels of consciousness along the Atman Sutra (Thread of the Self) as well as a full body practice that will leave you feeling ready to frolic in a field of Crocuses.

These two wild-child senior teachers (pictured below) will guide you through the practice alternating between instructing the class and assisting the class-- in other words: while one teaches the other will offer hands on assists...which have been called "revelatory" by some roaming mystics.  Hope to see you there! xo

Tara Culp

Tara Culp