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Namas Day Philly Yoga Festival w/ Alex Auder

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Smooth Transitions Oct 3rd, 11:00 am:

Let's explore the skills needed to "float" through our vinyasa practice.

Efficiently transitioning  from one pose to another within the pace of a "flow" class is integral to the health of your joints. 

Let's avoid the old rotator cuff injury, the back strain, and the blown out wrist, along with other pratfalls that commonly come along for the ride.

We'll learn some practical tools and rules for transitioning safely in order to keep the joints stable by opening the "belly" and "lungs" of the muscles and learn how to set up the proper structure to potentially invert away from the wall, embedded within a particular sequence. Uddhiyana Bhanda Kriya will be integrated into our sequence as a tool for transitioning, rather than a stand alone exercise. 

Teachers and students alike are encouraged to take this workshop as I will address the why and why nots of one transition over another.  

The Eye of the Teacher Oct 4th, 9:00am-4:00pm:

One of the major differences between a new teacher and an experienced teacher is that over the years upon years of observing bodies in movement, the experienced teacher begins to see the common, repetitive "mistakes" the majority of students make.  

Some of these are beginner mistakes that we all know (not rooting the hands in downward dog); some are common yet still uncorrected in the experienced student (dropping the shoulder heads in chaturanga); and some are more complex and harder to spot as they cloaked by the "advanced" student's ability to compensate (over spreading the pinky finger, letting the hip sockets spit the femur heads out to find a "deeper" crescent lunge,). 

To be able to teach a whole student body to preserve their joints, move from the bones, and open from the lungs and bellies of their muscles is a wicked skill... let's work on it!

Join Alex Auder and her almost 20 years of full-time teaching and studying for this daylong mission.

Topics Include:

  1. Spotting and naming the most common mistakes/mis-alignments in both advanced and beginner bodies
  2. Teaching in the most efficient way to prevent these mistakes through clear and precise verbal instruction that targets these issues before they become an issue
  3. Deep, safe, clear, efficient hands-on assists designed to clean these issues up
  4. Developing transitioning methods to preserve our students bodies through the wear and tear of a consistent VINYASA yoga practice -- from stepping forward to lung to floating to handstand.

*CEUs available

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