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Class Descriptions

Magu Flow



Interested in the longevity of a vinyasa practice, we focus on smart transitioning to maintain the structural  integrity of joints and connective tissue.  In our group classes we take particular care that both the hyper-mobile and the so-called “stiff” student finds the appropriate range of motion.  We continue to adapt our classes within this framework to create sequences that are both challenging AND safe, creative AND smart, precise, but not boring.  You can expect precision, vigor, an exploration of a range of asanas in each class, and full dedication to the breath.

We chose not to distinguish the ability levels between the Magu Flow classes as each teacher has her/his own approach to the method,  but as a group we believe that the practice has the potential to be healing and transformative rather than serve to drive us deeper into our own personal patterns.  

Magu Restorative


Through mellow/gentle movement, we take the time to explore the depth of the breath and how to drive it effectively through the postures while maintaining a restorative and gentle intention throughout class.  

Some of the postures will be supported with props so that the body weight does not have to be constantly supported.






Mellow Flow

Great for beginners (AND "advanced" students)!  We focus on the fundamentals of asanas, transitions, postural alignment, how this alignment relates to individual bodies, and particularly how to apply the alignment to common transitions within a vinyasa (flow) class.   


A more mellow approach to Magu Flow, less vigorous, slower movement, but just as precise, and just as dedicated to structural integrity.  Time for meditation and a deep Savasana always allowed for. 

A dynamic, stabilizing fusion of Pilates mat work, core condoning, somatics, and yoga. The primary focus of this class is to create a core foundation that balances stability with functional mobility.


Magu Fusion